The first waldorf school was founded in 1919. Since then art, especially the art forms of eurythmy, choir singing and learning how to play an instrument, are an important pedagogical and artistic part of school life. And they are so with good reason: they encourage creativity, they expand the speech and musical comprehension, they deepen the inner and outer flexibility and they make people see and feel the relationships of social interaction. 

For several years divers youth projects have been giving the opportunity to many young people to engage and to experience those arts free of the context of school. Since 2012 about 240 people practiced eurythmy to symphonies of Beethoven, Dvorak und Schubert during three . WHAT MOVES YOU? projects, each four weeks long.  EURYTHMY IN PROGRESS is a eurythmy project founded in 2017 which allowed young people to gain first stage experiences in a small scaleCANTARE already took place seven times and inspired almost 500 young people to sing and play classical choir and orchestra music.

In summer 2019 CONNECT wants to bring those three art forms together in one international youth project to honor the 100th anniversary of waldorf schools. CONNECT sees the three art forms as equal, they work consensus-based, they are open minded and they mutually enrich each other: CONNECT connects.

Starting off with eurythmy and choir you can work, live, experience, find new paths together and broaden your minds for three weeks on the project campus in Hamburg. You will make new friends, exchange your world views, push your boundaries, sometimes you might argue, you will definitely laugh a lot and evolve daily. The orchestra will join the project and rehearsals later during the process to finish off the image of three equal arts. Together you can engage freely in the artistic process for 6 hours daily. The artistic process is as important as the final outcome: a top-level stage performance starring over 150 young people. Music pieces from Bach („Nun ist das Heil“), from Brahms („Schicksalslied“) and from Tschaikowsky („Ouvertüre Romeo und Julia“) are scheduled in the program. 

Everyone at CONNECT is equal to each other, this goes for participants, artistic directors as well as organizers. Eurythmy, choir and orchestra will form a triad, which moves. And lives.

Project Duration

12.07. to 04.08.2019

Project Campus

Hamburg, Germany


Young people aged between 17 and 26 years coming from all over the world (maximum 60 eurythmy, 80 choir, 55 orchestra)

Conditions of Participation

For the choir: basic musical skills and being familiar with sheet music. For eurythmy: prior eurythmy experience is advised


The project’s aim is to create a space for young people to intensively engage with the arts of eurythmy, choir singing and orchestra music. Participants of CONNECT will have the opportunity to experience the three forms of art in cooperation and to find out about how they can influence and complete each other


At least two performances open to the public

Participation Fee
  • 275 € für Orchester,
  • 375 € für Chor,
  • 475 € für Eurythmie,

zahlbar in zwei Raten (Details auf der Bewerbungsseite)

Duration of the Application Process

15.10.2018 to 01.05.2019


You can look forward to a project of exceptional artistic and pedagogical quality. But our aspiration even surpasses this: the common work and the consequential understanding of others and of the arts results in true encounters between humans. Bonds will be made that hold even beyond the project’s boundaries. All this requires not only a certain open mindedness and professionality but also empathy, skill, perseverance, teamwork and people’s enthusiasm to move and make music. Last but not least it requires a setting that offers a relaxed and carefree environment for everybody. We, the organizational team of CONNECT, are here to create this setting for you – are you ready to fill it with life?

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