Prior knowledge

For the area of eurythmy you should have some eurythmy experience (e.g. as a former Waldorf student). For the participation in the choir you should have a basic knowledge of music. You should feel comfortable with working with sheet music, which ensures a common work basis. The project is designed for laypersons. Participants who apply for the orchestra have to send us an audition video/audio file (details concerning the registration process here). Students, who study music, singing or eurythmy are nevertheless invited to participate. Participants of CONNECT are aware that the project will be physically and mentally challenging.

Lanuage skills

At least one of the languages used during the project has to be spoken sufficiently (English or German).

Duration of participation

You can only participate if you commit to being present and active in the project for the whole timespan (12 July to 04 August 2019 for eurythmy and choir and 21 July to 04 August 2019 for the orchestra).

Application and withdrawal deadlines

The decision as to whether you can participate in CONNECT is based on your application. A withdrawal submitted before the binding confirmation of the organizer is free of charge. A withdrawal submitted after the 31 December 2018: the down payment (250€) will be reimbursed. A withdrawal submitted after the 01 May 2019: the full costs are being retained by the organiser. Participants who withdraw during the project have no claim of reimbursement.

Payment instructions

All charges are to be transferred cashless to the organizer’s bank account. All bank charges are at the expense of the participant. All payments are to be bayed in € (EURO). Please mind the fees of your bank and/or possible exchange rates.

Arrival and Visa

The project will take place in Hamburg, Germany. Arrival and departure as well as the expenses tied to them are to be taken care of by the participants. Inherent to that are, if applicable, visa requirements. We strongly advise that you enquire about your visa requirements and travel early on but to book the travel only after you received the binging confirmation. The organizer does not accept liability for any financial damages due to the withdrawal of the participant or applicant or due to the non-participation at the project caused by the faulty travel planning of the participant. Together with their confirmation every participant receives specific travel details. Attention: it is absolutely necessary that students take care of their leave of absence for the participation outside the regular summer vacation in time!

On-site rules
  • By applying the participants agree to take part in the rehearsals regularly, the framework program (e.g. workshops) is optional.
  • The general school regulations host school are valid.
  • The consumption of alcohol and drugs is prohibited.
  • Minor participants must stay on campus between 23:00 and 07:00.
  • The organizer does not assume liability for private property.
  • The organizer is permitted to publish photos of the participants.
  • The organizer can exclude participants from the project if they do not abide by the above stated rules. In such a case reimbursement of the participation fee cannot be claimed. The expenses of the early departure are to be paid by the participant or in the case that the participant is under age by their legal guardian.


If you want to take part in the project and if you are between 17 and 26 years old in summer 2019, than apply. Now. Here. Online.

If you are under 18 years old we need you to get the permission of your parents or your legal guardian. You can download the form your parent/legal guardian has to sign here. Fill in the form, get the signature, scan it or take a picture and upload it during the application process.

14 days after you have submitted your application we will send you a status-report with information as to whether your application has been approved, discarded or if you are on the waiting list (e.g. the section you are applying for might already be filled).

Due to lower material costs and higher fundings we were able to reduce the participation fee to 275€ (orchestra), 375€ (choir) and 475€ (eurythmy). After we confirmed your application, you have to transfer the first down payment of 250 € within 14 days to our account, the second down payment will be due by the 14 May 2019 (25 € for the orchestra, 125 € for choir and 225 € for eurythmy). If we confirm your application only after the 15 May 2019 please transfer the whole amount immediately. If you miss any of those due dates your claim of participation lapses. If the financial aspect is a problem for you, please contact us and we will find a suitable solution.


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